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Tiktok's journey: from a Global success to Ban!

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Developers are creating a thousand apps daily and take place in the Play Store. Many apps become so popular that they establish a benchmark that’s difficult to beat. “Tiktok” is one of them. Tiktok has been the most talked-about social media apps of recent times. After COVID-19 pandemic news, TikTok ban was the biggest bang in India. This was the most shocking news for those who attached with Tiktok deeply. Whereas, according to the Indian government, it was not safe to use Chinese apps as per security reasons.

As a result, in Tiktok’s history 29 June 2020 was an evil day. The Indian Government had removed 59-Chinese apps including "TikTok" from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. However, Tiktok was an occupation for many people in India besides a hobby. Tiktok had cleverly mingled with music, lip-syncing recordings and miniature video content.

It would be hard to believe that after the ban 6 billion users and 3.7 crore videos were removed from Tiktok by India. In any other country, this number had four times more than the videos removed from TikTok.

Amazing facts about Tiktok

  • The TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese Company.

  • Bytedance had spent up to $1 billion to purchase and TikTok had merged with to create a larger video platform.

  • Tiktok has been available in 155 countries and in 75 languages.

  • Bytedance developed Tiktok within 200 days.

  • In 2019, it was the topmost downloaded app in the iOS and Android app store.

  • Usually, a user can spend 52 minutes per day on the app.

  • Tiktok has the highest social media engagement rate per post, i.e., 52.1%.

  • In India, 323 million app installs were done in 2019.

  • already had 100 million users when it had merged with TikTok.

  • It’s quite ample that 41% of TikTok users are between the age of between 16 and 24.

  • In proportion, 24.5% of users are the age between 25-34 years.

  • Around 54% of people commented on other user's videos.

  • It's estimated that Tiktok has $3.5 million monthly revenue and 20% of revenue is from the USA and 69% from China.

  • On the Jan5, 2019 Tiktok website had set the benchmark of 1,000,000 estimated daily page views.

  • From this, you can guess that TikTok became the most famous app, and it had 113 million downloads recorded in the second month of 2020.

  • 90% of the TikTok users access the app on a daily basis.

  • At the end of October 2018, $50 million had been spent on TikTok for advertisement.

  • The famous ThinBlueLine videos have received 530.1 million views.

  • Bytedance was valued at $78 billion in November 2018. It is on the list of the world’s most valued unicorns.

Why TikTok is so popular?

Tiktok has attracted users in so many ways. Its popularity has skyrocketed day by day among every age of people. Firstly, It is convenient to use. Editing or Uploading content on Tiktok is far easier than any other app such as Snapchat. Anyone who has a smartphone can easily create and post content. Secondly, it is made for the younger generation who are most of the time glued with their smartphones and get bored. Thirdly, Advanced AI algorithms are used to learn user preferences and then provides related feeds of their choice.

When you open the app, there is no sign-up or tutorial, It just takes you directly to the app’s content. The crucial element of the app’s success is the love of music by different age groups. There’s always something new to do, a new dance, a new joke, etc. People are looking for different platforms where they can express themselves and connect easily, and TikTok makes it easy.

This app is fully different from what currently exists, although the concept is not entirely new. With the remixing feature, TikTok inspires people to create effective videos. Remixing features gives the power to ordinary people to create videos with different expressions and share these within memes.

On the other hand, Instagram has also played a prominent role in the success of TikTok. Every day, thousands of people are sharing TikTok videos on their Instagram story. Many users know about TikTok through Instagram and Instagram influencers. Besides, TikTok is the largest short-video platform, which enables everyone to be a creator on a global stage. Tiktok allows you to showcase your talent and creativity.

Why other companies copy Tiktok?

Every local or global firm had tried to clone the TikTok. Many successful giants like Google, Facebook also run in this race. They don’t want to shift their user base on other social media platforms. Secondly, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has always believed in a simple technique-If you want to beat your rivals, just create a clone of them or either acquire them. By nature, clones made by the companies are less focused, that’s why they integrate TikTok like features in their existing running apps.

  1. Facebook had tried to launch an app like TikTok named “Lasso'' but it had failed. Then, Instagram which is owned by Facebook launched “Instagram Reels'' for short videos of 15 seconds with lip-sync recordings. The whole user interface is like Tiktok with minimal changes.

  2. “Youtube” a well-established platform starts “Youtube shots” with a short video of 15 seconds.

  3. Snapchat also “spotlight” with a video duration of 60 seconds.

To be a nutshell, Tiktok has a lot of popularity or user traffic than any other social media platforms whether it’s a ban. Instagram reels give great competition to TikTok. Tiktok will make a plan to extend the video duration from 60 seconds to 3 minutes. Tiktok wants to beat everyone and proved himself again.

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